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The Skyline Collection

Customizable to the Skyline that Captures Your Imagination

Steinway & Sons is proud to unveil the Skyline Collection, a Special Collections piano offering a unique view of any compelling skyline that captures your imagination.


Envision your favorite city, a family estate, a beloved mountain range, or any other skyline that visits your dreams celebrated on the expansive outer case of an imposing Steinway grand. Whether a musical journey around New York City or a passage through the stunning peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Skyline combines dazzling and iconic visual representation with the stunning musicality for which Steinway is known.

Skyline is available in all Steinway grand piano sizes and is also available as a Steinway spirio, the world’s finest high resolution player piano.

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Picture your Skyline — a dazzling cityscape, an imposing mountain range, a maritime horizon — and let a Special Collection Steinway make your dream a reality.

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